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The Maharani’s Mithai is a San Diego-based home bakery specializing in sweet

and savory treats handmade from the traditional ingredients and flavors of ~INDIA~

We love baking and have a simple mission...

To create high-quality edible goods using wholesome ingredients that highlight and incorporate the diverse array of these delicious Asian Indian flavors.

Our menu offerings are handmade with care and precision, gourmet, vegan, customizable for an occasion or event, and most importantly, made fresh to order just for you.

We are happy to brainstorm menu options with you to help plan accordingly if needed! 

We also welcome you to visit our Indian-Inspired Etsy Storefront at TheMaharanisMithai.Etsy.Com

Looking for something unique for yourself or to give as a gift? Take a look! #SupportSmallBusiness 

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The word Maharani is a Sanskrit word that means “Great Queen”.  Pronounced like maha-ra-nee



The word Mithai comes from mithas, meaning “sweet”. Mithai is a confectionery and/or dessert of the Indian subcontinent.

Pronounced like meh-tie

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